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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

5 Major Benefits of Topographical Survey

There are many different types of services offered by seasoned civil engineering and land surveying firms, and one of these is the topographical survey, a specialized area that is used to determine both natural and manmade features of a land. Other types of surveys may help you make maps where specific landmarks and stakes are depicted, but the topographical survey will show contour lines and help you see the various changes, which have occurred in that land over a given period of time. Professional land surveyors use modern technologies like EDM and GPS to conduct this type of survey. Here are the five major benefits of a topographical survey:

It can provide the necessary data you will need about the land before making any changes to it – Whether you are building a completely new structure or making changes to an existing property, a topographical survey can help you identify all the important features on, around, and under the land.

It can tell you if there were any changes made to the land prior to being used – In case you purchased land, a topographical survey can reveal any information that might be hidden from plain sight, including the changes that have occurred on the area over a period of time. That way, you and your engineers can properly plan the structure and make sure that it is appropriate for the land before starting construction.

It provides a complete and clear image of the land and the surrounding area – The information from a topographical survey can be crucial to homeowners, builders, and business owners who are planning to renovate or expand their property. Hence, it is typically ordered before beginning any form of construction project.

Topographical surveys let you understand the land’s topography – Knowing the topography of the land around and under any type of structure is important to ensure a durable construction or an efficient modification. 

It gives an exact idea on where existing features are located – Topographic surveys can map existing features on the land, as well as those that are slightly below or above it, like trees, retaining walls, walkways, manholes, buildings, streets, and utility poles. They can show lines of easements and perimeter boundary lines on or across the property, too. You can use that as basis when designing a building, driveway, road, or any other kind of project that will be done on that land.

Monday, 7 November 2016

How Land Surveyors Can Solve the Boundary Issues of Your Property

Many people try to be good neighbors, but sometimes, disputes over boundaries and property lines can cause a lot of trouble, leading to bitter rivalries and costly legal procedures. If you find yourself facing any boundary issues on your property, the best way to deal with it is by working with a reliable and reputable land surveyor. It is recommended that you get in touch with experienced land surveyors if you want to prevent boundary issues in the future, too, especially if you are thinking of expanding your property or building a fence. With their help, you can get the proof or the information that you need to prove that your neighbor has encroached boundary lines, or you have the necessary data to know exactly where your property’s boundaries lie.

Homeowners typically ignore their property lines until issues arise or a land survey has been requested by a financial company or bank. Most homeowners assume that their boundary is where the tree line or an existing fence is. Property disputes may arise when there are changes in the home’s ownership. A new owner may want to build a new fence, do some landscaping, or build a driveway that may encroach upon neighboring lots, leading to boundary disputes between neighbors.  Hence, it is essential to order a boundary survey from professional land surveyors before building or adding anything, or making any renovations on your property. Some municipalities will only grant a building permit only after a land survey has been conducted on the property.

Only licensed and professional land surveyors are qualified to help resolve boundary issues and lot line disputes. They can research existing property deeds and descriptions, conduct physical assessments, mark land boundaries, and record every data accurately while following state, national, and local guidelines and laws in conducting boundary surveys. A survey may be ordered by court if the conflict has been escalated to it.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Importance and Standards for ALTA Surveying Services

Most of the lenders need a little research before financing the acquisition of any commercial property. In such cases, the survey requirements are not as common as they are for other requirements. In a property which is not obtained with enough research may disclose some issues later. There are many surveys that should be considered for the purpose but boundary surveys and ALTA (American Land Title Association) surveys are the most preferred ones.

ALTA surveys and boundary surveys are performed with some minimum standards adopted jointly by the ALTA (American Land Title Association) and ACSM (American Congress on Surveying and Mapping). The surveyor has to depend on these standards for preparing a survey that correlates with the rights and needs of the property purchaser, financer and title insurer.

ALTA surveys are costlier than any type of the survey but they are more intensive and offer comprehensive and detailed information. It provides information about property boundaries, easements, and improvements like fences, trails, roads, and other features which may affect the future ownership of the property. These features may need further investigation as there may be the potential for errors to result in the possibility of adverse rights and infringement. An ALTA survey also shows modes of access, zoning classification, and flood zone classification of the property. Common surveys like boundary surveys often lack the level of detail that is required for the evaluation of property which is necessary for commercial real estate purchasers and lenders.

Lenders and real estate purchasers use ALTA surveys to ensure that their security interests and investments are protected from adverse claims that cannot be discovered by a common survey or research. The information generated through ALTA surveys assist the lender and the purchaser with the information about potential risks and benefits that come with the ownership of the property.

In the process, the lender may want the surveyor to draft a legal description of the property so that the drafted legal description can be compared to the legal description in the title commitment. If they do not match then there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Environmental Land Survey and Its Utilities

Environmental surveys are performed to identify and investigate the impact of environment factors on construction and real estate projects. It also determines the effect of the construction on the environment. The activities associated with the survey depend completely on the surveyor and the project itself. Environmental surveyors have different approaches and peculiarity in different areas. The field of environmental survey is entirely different from environmental consultancy. However, if required, it may be involved in the process.

Environmental land surveys determine where your property premises begin and end. Environmental surveys are applicable in engineering, land development, real estate, and telecommunications industries. Environmental surveys support in subdivision planning and also contribute to ecological services. Environmental surveys are used in environmental industries for geo-tracker reporting as well as monitoring, earth quantity calculations, topographic calculations, as-built surveys, and construction surveying. With so many applications, professional surveyors are capable of dealing with any type of situations pertinent to the job.

Topographic surveys are an important aspect of environmental land surveys. The purpose of topographic surveys is to analyze the geographical condition of the land and provide relevant data which will be used for identifying the map and land figuration. Environmental land surveys, combined with topographic surveys, are an important part of any project’s planning phase. The survey is conducted on and above the ground level which includes the examination of all possible aspects such as walkways, soil density, manholes, and trees.
Environmental land surveys also cover a boundary survey which identifies, measures, analyzes and reports the location of land’s boundary lines. It can reveal the encroachments on the land. It is performed according to various technical standards. That is why you need professional and experienced surveyors for it. They will observe the land, perform surveys, and use resources available at state, county, and local agencies to locate maps, deeds, and wills that can define the location and rights of the land.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The Importance of Boundary Line Surveys

The American system of private property refers to the boundaries between the parcels. Without the boundaries, disputes and misunderstandings are certain to occur. That makes it crucial for landowners to understand the limits of their property. If the knowledge of these limits is inconsistent or of questionable accuracy, a boundary survey is required.

A boundary survey is directed towards the formal establishment of a particular property. The most important aspect of any boundary survey is to define the corners of the property. But it should also outline the extent of the property. When a boundary survey is completed, the new map of the property is updated with the new boundaries. Depending on the local system and regulations, the surveyor can also create a physical record of the survey on the land. This can turn into an erected fence or series of stakes.

A boundary survey holistically determines the legality and integrity of any property. Its importance can be understood with following points.
  • It determines the exact boundaries of any property which you are buying or selling.
  • It shows easements for utilities like water, power lines, and sewers.
  • It can identify encroachments such as driveways, fences, or buildings on the property.
  • It can also identify and resolve possible boundary disputes.
  • Boundary surveys help in dividing the parcel of the land.
  • It proves helpful when expanding building structure or making improvements to the property ensuring that all the work is done in the correct area of the land.
Boundary survey meets the regulation of a particular state where the ALTA stands across the nation. The process of the boundary survey begins with the research and coordination of municipal, local, county, and state authorities.  The pre-survey may include the history of adjoining lands. This research can provide useful insight into possible conflict areas where the attention is needed. Once that is satisfactorily completed, the next step is to perform a physical ground survey.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Hire Professional Land Survey Services in California

Getting the right kind of land surveying firm is not easy in a state like California. With so many different firms in the business, it is hard to pick the right one. Before planning on building a home or commercial property, it is of utmost importance that you get your land surveyed.
This will ensure that your plans will not cause any harm to the environment or that your building will not run into any trouble later on. Hiring professional land survey services can be hard if you do not know what you are looking for. Here are few easy tips:
  • Location: It is better always to go for a service that is available in your locality or your state. This will make it simpler to communicate with the firm and get a good idea of the type, amount and time they will take to finish the survey. Having an office to visit nearby will also make you more confident in the team.
  • Services Offered: Many types of land surveys can be opted for. Depending on the land and the type of use you want to put it for, a land survey firm will tell you what kind of survey will work out best for you.
  • References: Before hiring a land survey team, go through their past work and see how well they performed. You can also look for testimonials and references for the firms before choosing the best one.
  • Teams: A good firm will have a good amount of expert land surveyors such as project managers, professional surveyors, technicians, etc. A good and well-rounded team can be trusted to give you useful and accurate data.
  • Cost: When you are planning to hire a team, the land survey team should be able to offer you services at a reasonable price. Look at the amount they charge for surveying and ensure that the prices are competitive.
With these basic tips in mind, anyone can hire a professional land survey team to come and get data from your land. This will help you understand the success rates of your projects as well.

Top Reasons for Performing ALTA Survey on Commercial Properties

Working with commercial properties will need you to do land surveying a little differently than usual most of the companies that do commercial land surveys go for ALTA surveys as it ties in with the law and provides the exact results that one needs to present to the government and banks.

Working with ALTA surveys is great as it gives you very accurate data and understands the zoning laws and setback requirements of the property and the land. You also get to know your property boundaries and height requirements, making it easier to know what kind of building would be feasible on the land.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should have ALTA surveys on your commercial properties: 
  • Uniform standard: Since it has a uniform set of standards and ethics, the review of the land will be easier for the title company to present for the investments on the property. It can easily be understood by everyone as well.
  • Familiarity: As it was mentioned above, it is important that ALTA survey is done so everyone can understand its results. Since the financial matters are of utmost importance in commercial properties, the ALTA survey is transparent and gives all the investors the same footing to work from.
  • Potential encroachments: Knowing the limits of your property will help you draw up the right blueprints for your building. This will, in turn, make sure that you do not fall into any unnecessary lawsuits by encroaching on your neighbor’s property by accident.
  • The scope of work: When you understand the land, you will be able to comprehend the scope of work that is presented in front of you. With ALTA surveys, you get an in-depth knowledge of the land. This means that you can understand the scope of work required to get the job completed on time. 
These are some of the main reasons why ALTA surveys are preferred for commercial properties. You can also say a lot of time and money thanks to the accurate data provided by ALTA surveys.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Significance of Residential Property Survey

Part of responsible home ownership is knowing everything about your property, including its legal description, precise measurements, where it starts, and where it ends. This knowledge makes you a smarter and responsible homeowner than other property owners. However, most people hire a professional surveyor only when they encounter common property boundary issues, when in fact, a residential property survey must be conducted, even before constructing anything on a parcel of land. Here are few points that can help you understand the significance of a residential property survey:
  • It is not merely a measurement of property boundaries – A residential property survey will not merely calculate the boundaries of your land. It is a complex procedure that involves research and analysis of the land before determining the property's plot and boundaries. Professional land surveyors look up previous surveys conducted on your land too, since these may influence current land conclusions.
  • In can be conducted for other reasons, too – Residential property surveys are typically ordered before building any property or in the case of dubious lands, but they can be conducted for other purposes like property line staking, foundation location surveys, lot splits, as-built surveys, and house site plans. Seasoned land surveyors use state-of-the-art equipment and innovative technology to take precise measurements of your property and determine other issues that may be related to your land.
  • Get advice on the differences between existing and previous land records and surveys – Land surveyors will measure and determine every location several times before getting the average to determine the accurate location of the points on a map. Likewise, they will advise you if they find any changes or differences in the current survey and the previous land survey. An example of such as situation is when a neighbor has encroached on your property or has built a fence within your boundary.

3D Laser Scanning Services and Their Uses

High-definition surveying is recommended for faster and accurate results, especially for applications where mistakes and data inaccuracy could mean unpleasant and costly results. 3D laser scanning is among the most advanced and updated among high definition land surveying methods. This HD survey technique is used by builders, project developers, and architects to obtain crucial data on land that is already being used or constructed and needs further examination for destruction, remodeling, or renovation.

One of the benefits of 3D laser scanning is that it is non-destructive and non-contact. It takes digital images of the shape of a physical object using a line of laser, then loading the exact shape and size of that object into a computer as a three-dimensional image. The technology lets you view the finest details. It can capture any free-form shape, too, making it ideally suitable for measuring and inspecting complex geometries and contoured surfaces.

HD 3D laser scanning involves a versatile state-of-the-art scanning system that is fast and accurate. It works together with high-end software used for viewing the scanned images in panoramic view. The software can quickly and easily display the markups and other crucial measurements, too. The scanner takes photo realistic 360 x 320-degree panoramic scans, too, so surveyors have more precise and exclusive 3D images for reference.
A 3D HD survey can be applied to different applications, such as the following:
  1. Damage and condition assessment
  2. Creation or updating of as-built documentation
  3. 3D semi-automated modeling
  4. Clash/interference checking
  5. Weld peaking reports
  6. Deformation analysis
  7. Tank/vessel volume information 
The technology behind 3D laser scanning services make them versatile for other applications, too, including the creation of 2D plans and data exchange with CAD platforms. The survey can provide comprehensive 3D CAD models quickly and precisely from point clouds, thus, saving you time and effort. The service is applicable on any project's developmental phase, such as the planning and initiation phase, upgrading phase, and at the end of the project.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Tips for Finding the Best Land Surveyor in Arizona

Land surveying is a specialty and technical field that needs the expertise of a certified surveyor. Only a professional and licensed land surveyor must be allowed to conduct surveys in Arizona. Hence, you must remember to hire only the best surveyors that have the experience, credentials, and the right technology to conduct any type of land survey. Surveyors are typically hired before buying real property, before starting any construction project or renovation, when splitting parcels of land to be adjusted or sold, when property ownership disputes occur, and when you need to investigate historical survey and written records about your property. Here are some tips to finding the best land surveyor in Arizona:

  • Consider the qualifications of the surveyor – Look up the land surveyor's previous experience and work. Remember to ask for references and verify them. If you are hiring a land surveying company, make sure that it is a registered business in Arizona and that it has a good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

  • Do not hire the cheapest land surveyor without looking at other options – Requesting a quote is mandatory to find out if the service is affordable to you. However, do not instantly hire the first or the cheapest surveyor you find. Look up others in your area and compare them. That way, you can make a more informed decision and the land surveyor who can be cost-effective for your needs.

  • Hire someone with at least a decade of experience – Choose a land surveyor only when you know that the professional has the necessary skills, tools, and experience to conduct the survey that you need. Skilled and experienced land surveyors can offer many different types of surveys like ALTA/ACSM land title surveys, environmental surveys, geodetic and boundary surveys, and GPS land surveying.

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Boundary Survey - Mark the Boundaries of your Property

Boundary surveys aim to find, identify, measure, analyze and report the location of a land's boundary lines and reveal any encroachments that are present on the land. The purpose of these surveys go beyond merely accurately determining the measurements of your land. They can retrace and map the title and be helpful when you need to meticulously analyze the physical evidence of the boundaries according to local land standards, legal principles, and state board requirements.

A boundary survey must be conducted in accordance with industry and technical standards. Hence, you need to hire reputable and experienced land surveyors to do it instead of measuring your land by yourself. Professional land surveyors will observe your parcel of land and go the extra mile by conducting surveys at county, state, and local agencies or offices to locate maps, plans, wills, deeds, and other documents that may define the rights and location of the land. With their help, you can have detailed results from a thorough investigation of your land. Licensed surveyors can help in boundary adjustment and land subdivision procedures, too, making their services valuable to property and real estate developers.

Boundary surveys may be conducted if you are selling a property, buying property, building a fence, adding a new room or outdoor leisure area, expanding your home, or if you are dividing a parcel of land. They can be conducted when obtaining or refinancing a mortgage. In case of a dispute, the professional who will conduct the boundary survey can serve as an expert witness in court as he or she assumes the full responsibility for your survey's accuracy.

As the boundary survey marks the boundaries of your property, you have an accurate way to establish what size and area of land belongs to you. The results illustrate the data about the property and any encroachments or easements, too. Professional land surveyors use different methods to do a boundary survey based on the requirements and size of your project.  

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Things You Should Know About Boundary Surveys

The boundary survey is one of the typically conducted surveys for both commercial and private properties. Its purpose is to determine, establish, re-establish the boundary lines of a parcel of land. The data can be useful when you need to accurately determine your property's boundary lines before you build anything on your land. Here are some of the other things you must know about boundary surveys:

  1. It provides important information about your land – The results of a boundary survey will contain the exact number of acres or measurement of the parcel of land. Moreover, it will determine any encroachments, provide a description of your land, and offer a defining statement to pinpoint the location of the land. The information can be useful when the location of your boundary line is being disputed. It may protect you against losing your property to a third-party who may wish to obtain your land, too.

  1. It is needed before you build a fence – Boundary surveys will reveal exactly where your property ends and beings, so you do not end up building a fence on your neighbor's land. Likewise, they can provide information as to how high your fence should be, so you can be sure that it is built according to the local zoning laws.

  1. Boundary surveys must be conducted when buying land – If you are planning to purchase parcel of land from a longtime owner, hire a land surveying company for a more accurate measurement to confirm the data on the title deed. The information can be crucial before executing or creating mineral leases and other land-use agreements. Land owners who are compelled to sell portions of their land to the commercial land developers and to the state must conduct a comprehensive boundary survey, too.

  1. It must be performed by a licensed and qualified surveyor – It is very important to hire a reputable and experienced land surveying company that follows acceptable codes and standards that were set by the industry, government, and other authorized entities. A seasoned surveyor uses state-of-the-art equipment like 3D laser scanning, along with proven knowledge to provide an updated survey of your property. He or she can research about your property to backup the information from the survey, too.

Benefits of Using Environmental Surveys

An environmental survey is typically conducted to identify and understand the possible impact of environmental factors on construction and real estate developments, as well as the potential impact of these developments to the environment. You can hire a professional and licensed land surveying company to conduct this survey for various reasons. Many different industries could use an environmental survey to determine the topographic qualities of their land or property, as well as for determining boundaries. For the environmental industry, the survey can be conducted for monitoring well, earth quantity calculations, construction staking, as-built surveys, and GeoTracker reporting.

Remedial surveying is one of the aspects that can be covered by an environmental survey. It can determine the types of structures that must be built to prevent the spread, remove, or consolidate unwanted materials and contaminated soils. An environmental survey may be conducted to determine the type of structure that could work to cover historical landfills before reclaiming land.

As-built surveys are part of a comprehensive environmental survey and they can be useful when you need information on an environmentally impacted site before you tear it down or make some changes to it. A good example of the application of this survey is when you need to build a structure on rocky flats.

Environmental surveys can be conducted to monitor well locations. This way, you can track or identify contaminates and determine the correct placement of a well. Professional land surveyors and environmental engineers can map this system more effectively, precisely, and quickly.

You may book an environmental survey service from a qualified land surveying company for the purpose of determining the quality of a land that has been impacted by hazardous elements. The surveyor will assess the site and provide information to an environmental engineer, who will be tasked to come up with a rehabilitation and reclamation plan. 

Monday, 28 March 2016

How Can 3D Surveying Be Beneficial?

3D laser scanning is the most advanced and highly updated among land surveying methods. It is a high-definition survey technique that provides faster and more accurate results compared to conventional survey methods. A 3D high definition surveying service is beneficial for builders, engineers, architects, and project developers who need accurate information on land that has already been constructed on but may need to be further examined for destruction, renovation, remodeling, and other reasons. This surveying method is ideal for projects in any developmental stage, like planning, initiation, upgrade, and conclusion.

HD 3D surveying utilizes an updated scanning system that is highly accurate, flexible, and swift. It works with specially developed software for an easier way to view scanned 3D images. Software should provide panoramic views, measurements, and markups. High-end 3D surveying can provide 360 by 320-degree photo-realistic panoramic scans of the property, so you can have more precise and exclusive 3D images.

Working with a reputable 3D surveying service provider will allow you to create and update as-built documentation. This surveying method is helpful in assessing the condition of a property and any damage it may have. Advanced 3D surveying methods can exchange data with several CAD platforms and create 3D models semi-automatically. The method is ideal for clash and interference checking and useful for making 2D plans, too. This way, 3D surveying results can be useful for applications like inspections, deformation analysis, vessel/tank volumetric information, and weld peaking reports.

Reputable 3D laser scanning service providers can cater to a variety of businesses, government entities, industries, and residential clients who want a quicker and accurate way to survey their land and property. This way, 3D surveying can simplify the construction and upgrading process using cutting-edge technology. The survey method is capable of scanning large areas quickly and accurately, enabling you to save time and effort, and minimize disruptions in the job site.

Difference Between ALTA/ACSM Lands Title Survey and Boundary Survey

ALTA/ACSM land title surveys are also referred to as 'due diligence surveys', and they are conducted for commercial purposes. They are different from a conventional boundary survey where only easements, property lines, and other data as mandated by a state standard are shown. ALTA/ACSM surveys follow a uniform set of codes for construction purposes as set by authorized institutions and the government.

A boundary survey merely establishes the corners of a land or a residence. On the other hand, an ALTA/ACSM survey is required along with other important documents when going through any transaction involving commercial real estate. It is often included as part of the insurance or title certificate application. ALTA stands for 'American Land Title Association', and ACSM stands for the 'American Congress on Surveying and Mapping'.

The ALTA/ACSM standards require a highly detailed report that will include the easements encumbering or benefiting the property, zoning setbacks, possible encroachments across easements and boundaries, and flood zones that could affect the property. The survey may show whether there is any access to public roads, evidence of use by any other parties, evidence of cemeteries, water boundaries, and the names of the owners of an adjoining property.

Prior to measuring the property, professional surveyors do some in-depth research on it. This is done by examining the existing title commitment and searching for country and municipal records for any existing encumbrances. The research will provide surveyors with knowledge of the land, and will inform them of any possible conflict before doing an ALTA/ACSM land title survey.

An ALTA/ACSM survey may provide more information that is crucial to commercial real estate projects and transactions. It can suggest improvements on the land, like roads, fences, rights of ways, and trails. It can provide further improvements, ownership areas, easements, and encroachments on the property and its boundaries. The survey may provide information on the on the property.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Uses & Applications of Topographic Land Survey

There are many different types of surveys such as residential surveys, boundary surveys and topographical surveys. In this article we will explain the type of results you get with a topographical survey, their uses and applications.

A topographical survey allows you to establish the natural and man-made features of a certain land. The results of a topographical survey can be beneficial for property owners, industrial owners and owners of properties under construction because it includes the hills, trees, buildings, fences, ravines or any improvements being made on the natural features of the land. It provides us with the exact figures in terms of position, height and size of the different changes that have occurred in the land as far as its natural existence is concerned.

Remote sensing techniques and arial viewing of the land help topographic surveyors come up with accurate details while the map is being created. They use symbols colors and signs to designate details on these maps. Topographic surveyors make sure that the maps they create are as accurate as it can get.

For topographic land survey to be carried out, special equipment such as electronic laser stations need to be used by professional surveyors. The equipment used vary in accuracy. Surveyors also use GPS or Global Positioning System to get instant access to the National Grid coordinates available. Other standard equipment includes laptop computers, Distos and digital levels.

To achieve their objectives, surveyors need to use elements such as physics, trigonometry, engineering, law and mathematics.

Follow the link to learn more about topographic survey services by professionals!

High Definition Surveying and Its Utilities

High definition surveying can be a practical way to collect as-built data accurately and rapidly. It is a non-invasive method that utilizes a 3D laser scanner, which emits an eye-safe and narrow laser beam that can cover any size or type of object—from buildings to bridges and vacant lots. Through HD surveying, land surveyors are able to gather data more conveniently in a matter of minutes. The measurements are gathered and grouped into a complete point cloud database, which can be viewed, altered, or manipulated on a computer. The data is viewable, analyzed, and viewed like a 3D model made in a conventional CAD program.

The technology behind high definition surveying is considered the most advanced and highly updated among typically used land surveying techniques. High definition surveying offers a swifter and more accurate way to collect data and measurements, making it useful for builders, constructors, architects, engineers, and project developers. With HD surveying, those professionals can accurately survey land, even if it has already been constructed. The survey can be useful when a structure or land must be examined for remodeling, renovation, destruction, or for other purposes.

The methodology for HD 3D laser surveying involves a high-end and versatile scanning system and user-friendly software. This method of surveying can take 360 by 320 degree photo-realistic panoramic scans, too, so surveyors can have precise and exclusive 3D images for reference. High definition surveying is offered by experienced and reputable land surveying companies.

High definition surveying is practical for a number of applications. It can be used for creating and updating as-built documentation, data exchange with various CAD platforms, condition and damage assessment, deformation analysis, and clash/interference checking. It can be used for generating 2D plans, too. 3D survey results may help land inspections become more productive and reap better results.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey - Various Applications and Advantages

The ALTA survey is typically required to be submitted with other documents during commercial real estate transactions. It is the land title survey that is usually referred to as a section of a title certificate application or insurance. The survey must be performed according to the standards and specifications of the ALTA/ACSM. ALTA stands for 'The American Land Title Association', and ACSM stands for 'The American Congress on Surveying and Mapping'. ALTA surveys aim to promote nationwide uniformity and standards in land survey data.

ALTA/ACSM land title surveys are beneficial to title companies, corporations and lenders, contractors, engineers, architects, and the general public. The ACSM and the National Society of Professional Surveyors created accuracy standards for dealing with issues like closure and distance requirements and minimum angle and positional uncertainty for ALTA/ACSM land title surveys. The survey can provide the most comprehensive and accurate information to the title company before the title is insured to the property.

An ALTA/ACSM land title survey typically bears the full names of concerned parties, such as the buyer, seller, lender, insurance company, and Title Company. This survey may be practical for homeowners, too. Hence, it is important that both title insurance and land surveying companies work closely together to make sure that the ALTA/ACSM survey can be useful when resolving matters that may affect land ownership.

Also known as 'due diligence surveys', ALTA land title surveys clearly depict improvements and easements, ownership areas, rights-of-way, encroachments (if any), encumbrances, the boundaries of the property, and other important aspects pertaining to ownership of land. ALTA/ACSM surveys may be used as a basis for ideas when there is a need to improve the land with trails, fences, rights of ways, and roads. They may provide information that may require more investigation especially when there is a possibility of adverse rights on the property.

Difference Between Land Surveying and Mapping

Before GPS technology was invented, land mapping was manually done by collecting data from a specific land area. Cartographers had to spend hours to complete maps back in the day but today, advancement in technology has made a great impact in making land mapping more time-effective and easier.

Land surveying involves all activities that record and measure all information in our physical world as well as the environment. The term is used interchangeably with Geomatics—a body of science that involves pinpointing the position of things above and below the surface of the earth. Mapping is a part of the land surveying process. It uses specialized technology, mathematics and mapping equipment.

The role of a land surveyor is to determine and mark different locations on a certain land. This is used in surveying boundaries of certain real estate properties in order to find out their specific coordinates. Land surveyors come up with three-dimensional or 3D positions and distances of angles between them.

Out in the field, the land surveyor use GPS, aerial/terrestrial scanners or Robotic Total Solutions to map a certain area of land. They take photos and make computations. In the office, they use sophisticated software such as Auto CAD to plan and draft their measurements. They work on a variety of projects that involve mining exploration, land division, tunnel building, land size determination and measurement. They are also responsible for providing specific information about a land to guide the work of architects, land developers and engineers.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Significance of ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

An ALTA survey is a type of land title survey product that meets the needs of title insurers in order to remove standard survey exceptions from the current/existing title policy. The American Land Title Association is the main proponent of this particular land survey product, and it aims to provide both buyer and lender with relevant information concerning the present and future use of the land in question as well as the different restrictions and encumbrances, which can –potentially affect the property. The information contained in an ALTA land survey allows lenders and buyers to evaluate the property and at the same time analyze all the potential benefits and risks of owning it.

Officially, the stated purpose of this particular survey is to remove from the property’s title insurance policy, the “survey exception language,” which is supposed to benefit both the owner and the lender’s title insurance coverage. In simpler terms, this is referred to as providing an extended coverage.

The extent that one can deviate from these standards depends on the title insurer’s willingness to provide the coverage required by the lender or the buyer for the property transaction. ALTA surveys are commonly used as underwriting tools on succeeding property transactions. An ALTA survey also provides relevant information to interested parties, answering concerns and questions in an official and unbiased manner.

Generally, an ALTA survey provides information including:

• Surveyor findings about the proper and actual boundaries of the property.

• Observed easements and any easements and exceptions stated in the title commitment.

• Significant observations about the property, which may include utilities, improvements, and public access; and

• Specific information relating to zoning, topography, flood hazard concerns, and parking configurations.

People who plan on selling properties may also use ALTA surveys for protection against potential claims from buyers or lenders after the conveyance of the property title.

3D Laser Scanning Services More Realistic Approach to Surveying

3D laser scanning has without a doubt revolutionized land surveying, among many other fields and industries. The latest in laser scanning technologies, techniques, and methodologies enable survey professionals help clients plan and execute projects in the most efficient manner while enabling customers to analyze every component and feature of facilities and sites. The many advanced capabilities of 3D lasers and equipment help ensure the accuracy of data gathered and, in turn, allow surveyors make sound recommendations on which critical decisions about property development can be based upon. Sound data collection and survey accuracy are important keys to the success of projects during all stages of the process, from planning all the way through to completion.

There are many benefits to using 3D laser scanning technology for survey applications, among the most notable of which is the faster completion and shorter field time. In the past, field surveys would usually take several days to a few weeks to complete. Today’s 3D technology, however, speeds up the entire process, cutting down several days to a week’s worth of survey work to just one day of scanning. Additionally, 3D laser scanning allows for the creation of complete fly-throughs, detailed animations, and 3D models in no time.

Because field time is cut down significantly, laser scanning also allows for reduced project costs. This is also largely because of the increased efficiency and accuracy of surveys, which means less room for mistakes and errors that often require re-scanning of the space. Data accuracy also provides you with a solid knowledge base that enables better planning of projects. An extremely versatile tool, 3D laser scanner technologies also find great applications outside of land surveying and can be used for all kinds of survey tasks from budgetary and timeline preparation to historical preservation, change detection, accident reconstruction, hazard surveying, and a lot more.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Importance of a Topographical Survey

Topographic surveys are essential for determining a land's geographical condition. The data can be useful when identifying maps and determining the contours of a land. Topographic surveys are crucial during the planning stage of any construction or developmental project. The contours and maps created during the survey will serve as the basis for the project, whether it be a developmental structure, road, bridge, commercial, or residential structure.

Topographical surveys can be conducted below and above ground level. Walls, wells, manholes, utility poles, soil density, walkways, and trees are among the elements and areas that will be covered during the survey. Each aspect or material found on the land will contribute to a topographical survey's outcome. The following steps are usually involved in a topographic survey:

  1. Establish vertical and horizontal control to serve as the survey's framework.
  2. Determine ample horizontal elevation and location of ground points to provide enough data, which will be essential for plotting as soon as a map is prepared.
  3. Locate man-made and natural features that may be covered based on the survey's purpose.
  4. Compute angles, elevations, volumes, and distances, of the earthwork.
  5. Draw the topographic map. 
The outcome of the topographical survey should reveal various details about your land. Likewise, the results are useful in determining the land's cultural and natural features. The data is essential for determining the value, life, and strength of the land. The breadth, length, height, curves, height, elevation, and other factors that need to be measured will be calculated, and each surveyed aspect should contribute to the land's map and contouring.

Topographical surveys can be applied to a variety of situations. The results are useful for engineers, geologists, foresters, land promoters, architects, and government institutions and agencies. Topographic maps are used as guides for creating the land's actual geographical map, too.

Guidelines to Be Followed For Residential Property Survey

Property surveys are essential for your residential property, as it will help guarantee the legalities of your land. It will determine the boundaries, rights of way, and possible easements, should you want to rebuild or renovate. Hiring the right residential property surveyor is crucial to the success and accuracy of a residential property survey. Here are some of the guidelines to follow:

  • Hire a professional – Find a reputable and experienced land surveying company to conduct the residential property survey. Professional land surveyors use their knowledge and skills in physics, mathematics, engineering, and geometry to perform the most complex land surveys. Land surveying is the method of determining the three-dimensional and terrestrial positions and the angles and distances between them. The points are usually marked on the earth's surface, and these are used to establish boundaries and land maps. Special skills and equipment are required to complete a survey. 
  • Make sure the land surveyor is licensed – Always be sure to hire a licensed residential property surveyor. Licensing enables surveyors to practice and legally offer their services in your state. A license also proves the capability and expertise of a particular land surveyor. Professional surveyors can identify and research, analyze, and evaluate the land in question before deliberately plotting the boundaries of the property. They are capable of researching previous records and past surveys on your property, in case these factors may influence the findings on your land. 

  • Check what technologies and services offered – Skilled residential property surveyors are able to offer a wide range of services using the most advanced technologies. High-definition surveying is administered using state of the art 3D laser scanners, which are proven to provide swift and accurate results. Surveyors are able to conduct ALTA/ACSM land title surveys, too, in case you require assistance for a legal dispute regarding your land.