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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Uses & Applications of Topographic Land Survey

There are many different types of surveys such as residential surveys, boundary surveys and topographical surveys. In this article we will explain the type of results you get with a topographical survey, their uses and applications.

A topographical survey allows you to establish the natural and man-made features of a certain land. The results of a topographical survey can be beneficial for property owners, industrial owners and owners of properties under construction because it includes the hills, trees, buildings, fences, ravines or any improvements being made on the natural features of the land. It provides us with the exact figures in terms of position, height and size of the different changes that have occurred in the land as far as its natural existence is concerned.

Remote sensing techniques and arial viewing of the land help topographic surveyors come up with accurate details while the map is being created. They use symbols colors and signs to designate details on these maps. Topographic surveyors make sure that the maps they create are as accurate as it can get.

For topographic land survey to be carried out, special equipment such as electronic laser stations need to be used by professional surveyors. The equipment used vary in accuracy. Surveyors also use GPS or Global Positioning System to get instant access to the National Grid coordinates available. Other standard equipment includes laptop computers, Distos and digital levels.

To achieve their objectives, surveyors need to use elements such as physics, trigonometry, engineering, law and mathematics.

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