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Friday, 4 August 2017

How Environment Land Survey Can Benefit Your Real Estate Project

Environmental land surveys seek to understand the potential impacts of construction and/or real estate developments on the environment and vice versa. They are conducted both for environmental consciousness as well as to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws that protect the environment.

Whenever investing in and before breaking ground on any real estate development project, it is critical that you find a reputable and qualified land surveyor with experience in conducting environmental surveys within the state or the area you wish to erect a structure or begin your development. Qualified environmental land surveyors can provide services ranging from well monitoring to construction staking, earth quantity calculations, geotracker reporting, as-built surveys, and topographic surveys. Because environmental land surveys are specialized forms of land surveys, only qualified and experienced surveyors can perform them with efficiency and accuracy, which is why investing in a professional service is critical if you want accurate and fast results. The best environmental land surveyors use cutting-edge surveying equipment like high-definition lasers and 3D scanners, side by side various techniques that ensure precision in data gathering.

Environmental surveys allow for better planning for land use. In fact, many government agencies and major corporations use environmental land survey as guide and tool to create, envision, and develop ideas and plans for acquiring or expanding land. These surveys are also useful in resolving various environmental issues that have to do with congestion, pollution, and even the depleting state of natural resources. Topographic surveys, for instance, help determine the geographical condition of a piece of land, which is essential in the planning stage of construction and development projects.

Information gathered using environmental surveys can also be useful when making decisions regarding the erection of structures on a particular piece of property. Data from surveys reveal critical qualities and aspects of land that may not be obvious on the surface. This ensures safety and feasibility of the project at hand.

Does Your Land Surveyor Have Experience in Land Surveying Services in Los Angeles?

Land surveying is a complex profession. While determining land boundaries may seem simple enough from the outside, the job requires in-depth knowledge and technical skill to be done right and accurately. When searching for land surveying services, make sure that they have the following skills and qualities:

  • One of the most important factors you should look into when finding a land surveyor to do your land survey is experience—this should cover experience not only in the profession, but experience in doing surveys within the state you wish to buy or develop land in. While most technical skills required for the job can be learned in the course of surveyor’s educational career, some skills can’t be acquired any other way except by doing actual jobs. This is where apprenticeship under a more experienced surveyor comes to place. It is often said that land surveying is both an art and a science, and the “art” aspect of the profession can only be learned by experience in the job.
  • Legal expertise. Another critical thing you should look for in a good land surveyor is legal expertise. He or she is expected not only to know the ins and outs of the law, but also how to apply its principles in determining land boundaries. Your land surveyor is your first line of defense against any litigation involving your property. Because the primary duty of land surveyors is for the most part, to the public, he or she is obliged to ensure proper locations of lands and must therefore be duly licensed—required exams for which, have tough standards and high failure rates. This is why having a licensed and experienced land surveyor doing your due diligence land surveying is invaluable in any property investment or development you may be planning to push or pursue.

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