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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Map Your Land with The Help of Superior Quality Land Surveying Technique in Colorado

Any project that has to do with the building, demolition, reconstruction, renovation, or expansion of a property will require a land survey before it proceeds. When you properly map your land, you can easily make informed decisions about it and avoid costly lawsuits, which can occur when you encroach on a neighboring area. Leading land surveying companies in Colorado use the latest equipment, methods, and technologies to conduct surveys quickly and accurately. Here are some of the technologies you should know about:
  • 3D laser scanning surveys The most advanced and updated land surveying technique that is used by Colorado surveyors is the 3D laser scanning surveying method. It is a high-definition survey that is swifter and more accurate compared to traditional methods of surveying, making it valuable to construction companies, builders, architects, and project developers, especially when they need dependable results fast for making the decisions.
High-definition 3D laser scanning methodology is used for surveying land that has already been built upon, but requires further examination for destruction, remodeling, or renovation. The equipment works with high-end software to view the scanned 3D images and to provide a panoramic view of the scans. This way, it provides a more detailed look at the measurements and markups. The equipment can take 360 by 320-degree photo-realistic panoramic scans, too.
Land surveyors in Colorado offer 3D laser scanning for a number of applications, including the updating or creation of as-built documentation, deformation analysis, tank and vessel volumetric information, and clash or interference checking. They can use the same technique to create 2D plans and to provide comprehensive 3D CAD models precisely from point clouds.
  • GPS surveys GPS land surveying is an advanced scientific technique used by top survey companies in Colorado to determine and evaluate 3D and terrestrial space positioning of points and the distances and angles between them. This survey relies on satellites to deliver signals to the receivers used by the surveyors, and the receivers transmit the signals to a data collector, which will store the data to be downloaded into a computer. GPS surveys are critical to engineering, real estate, environmental, and telecommunications industries.

Hire the Top 3D Land Surveying Company for Your Residential Land and Property

Residential surveys are typically two-dimensional, with the results drawn and written or printed on paper. However, the latest technologies have enabled land surveying companies to produce three-dimensional results for a more detailed and accurate look at your property. Known as 3D land surveying and scanning, the service is offered only by top companies that have proven their track record of providing high-quality and dependable land surveying services to their clients over the years. With 3D land surveys, you can gain point-to-point measurements instantly, as well as pan, view, zoom, and rotate images of your property in 3D. Here are some tips to help you pick the right service provider:
  • Verify their experience – A top 3D land surveying company is established in their industry. They have at least two decades of experience in land surveying, even before 3D land surveying technology was introduced. Likewise, they are highly recommended by clients in construction, engineering, architecture, governmental, and property development industries for their knowledge, skill, and proven track record of providing accurate results.
  • Find out what they can do – Leading land surveying companies can conduct 3D laser scanning services for a wide variety of applications, such as damage and condition assessment, clash/interference checking, tank/vessel volumetric information, weld peaking reports, and deformation analysis. Customers rely on them for the creation or updating of as-built documentation and when they need to create 2D plans. 3D land surveys are useful when you need to three-dimensional CAD models, which can be created quickly and precisely from point clouds.
  • Learn about their equipment – Hire a reputable 3D land surveying company that uses the latest high-definition laser scanners that can produce panoramic images, measurements, and other markups. They should be able to provide photo-realistic panoramic scans, too. Consider a company that uses high-end software to view and interpret the scanned 3D surveys.

Contact the Proficient and Qualified Land Surveyors in Las Vegas

Land surveyors are required when you need to determine the boundaries of your land or obtain maps for it. Likewise, they are hired when there are disputes on the property, as well as before you demolish, sell, purchase, or renovate a structure. The key is to hire proficient and qualified land surveyors in Las Vegas. This means finding seasoned and reputable land surveying companies that have the right technology, credentials, and years of experience to perform any type of land survey that you need. Here are tips:
  • Check the qualifications of the land surveyor – Research their previous work and experience. Look up references or ask for them, then take time to verify each of them. More importantly, make sure that the land surveyor is registered in Las Vegas and has a good track record with the Better Business Bureau. You can also check with BBB to see if there are any outstanding complaints or evidence of poor service on the land surveying company, too.
  • Get a quote – Choose at least two or three different reputable land surveying companies in Las Vegas and get a quote of their services. However, do not just compare their prices. Make sure that you are paying a reasonable price for a high-quality and dependable survey. Likewise, avoid instantly choosing the cheapest surveyor without verifying its reputation and the quality of its services. That way, you can make a smarter decision and hire a proficient and qualified land surveyor that is cost-effective and trustworthy.
  • Make sure they are experienced – Look up land surveyors that have at least 10 or 20 years of experience in providing their services in Las Vegas. Consider a company that has the right technology, knowledgeable surveyors, and state-of-the-art equipment to conduct a wide range of surveys like environmental surveys, ALTA/ACSM land title surveys, GPS land surveying, boundary and geodetic surveys, and high definition 3D surveys.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Precautions to Consider During 3D Laser Scanning Surveys

The most advanced and highly updated land surveying method is 3D laser scanning, which uses a high-definition scanner that can generate accurate three-dimensional images of the land and all its properties quickly. So, it is considered more accurate and swifter than conventional surveying techniques, and trusted by builders, architects, and project developers to accurately determine the features of a land, especially if there is already an existing structure on it. Likewise, 3D laser scanning surveys are useful for projects that require remodeling, renovation, and demolition.

Despite its accuracy, there are certain precautions to consider during 3D laser scanning surveys. For instance, you need to make sure that you hire an experienced and trustworthy service provider that is equipped with the latest high definition 3D laser scanners and equipment. Take time to verify the land surveyor’s credentials and experience in providing the service, and make sure that they have clients who can prove the quality of their work. You may want to consider a land surveying firm that has been in business for at least three decades, licensed to work in your state, and with a good track record in providing 3D laser scanning surveys.

You need to make sure that the survey is authorized to be conducted, especially if you are not the owner of the property or you are trying to find out if your neighbor has encroached on your land’s boundaries. That way, you can avoid legal issues later on. The history and previous surveys conducted on the land will be retrieved and reviewed by the surveyors, too, and they will use that information in updating and creating the latest as-built documentation.

3D laser scanning surveys are useful in damage and condition assessment, 3D semi-automated modeling, deformation analysis, and in determining tank/vessel volumetric information. The equipment can take 360 by 320-degree photorealistic panoramic scans, too, so you can obtain precise and exclusive 3D images of your property. Just make sure that the surveyor has high-end software that can help you view the scans.

Find the Best Land Surveyors in Washington

Are you looking for the best land surveyors in Washington? You will need their service when you have a building project that needs to be started, renovated, or demolished. Their help will be valuable when you purchase or divide property, or when you want to learn about your land’s history. Regardless of your reason for hiring them, you need to make sure that you hire professionals who are authorized and licensed to work in Washington. To get started in hiring the best land surveyors, take time to look up their experience, credentials, and the technologies and methods they use for the land surveys they can do.

The best land surveyors in Washington have certain qualifications that set them apart from other professionals in their field. Some of these include a proven work experience and track record of providing high-quality services and the reliable results. Consider a land surveyor who has a lot of repeat clients in Washington, while making sure that they are registered and licensed to provide their services in the state. When verifying their experience, consider a service provider that has at least a decade or two of being active in land surveying in Washington.

Land surveyors understand that their work can affect the outcome of your project. So, the best ones ensure that they are up-to-date in their surveying methods and equipment. They believe in the benefits of continuing education and training to constantly improve their skills and the way they deliver their services. Likewise, they invest in the latest equipment, like GPS and 3D laser scanners to ensure quick and accurate results.

It may be easier to hire the cheapest land surveying firm, in Washington, but do not do that unless you have verified the quality of their services and their reputation. Get a quote and compare it with the cost of land surveying services from other companies. Make sure that you choose the provider that is trustworthy, reliable, and capable of providing the best results in land surveying in Washington.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Role of Land Surveyors in Surveying Lands in Los Angeles

Cartographers are skilled at mapping the earth, but they don’t necessarily pay attention to precise and exact boundaries. Surveyors, on the other hand, collect exact measurements of the earth, marking boundaries particularly in areas where people may have vested interest. It is a land surveyor’s duty not only to measure properties purchased or sold, but also to locate roads, buildings, utilities, and other such land structures or features for real estate developers, as well as to measure the exact limits or extents of mining claims, while mapping their precise locations on the map. Without them, land ownership, development, and construction would turn to chaos. Surveyors play an enormously important role to the public.

Engineering projects are much like puzzles, the design and planning of which are largely based upon the different surveying instruments land surveyors use. The construction of buildings and other establishments and structures such as bridges, highways, dams, and tunnels, require properly surveyed areas. Without professionally calculated and evaluated measurements, engineers, designers, and constructions would not know how each piece of the puzzle fits together. Execution of projects also rely greatly on the lines, points, and boundaries that are established through land surveying.

This said, land surveying in Los Angeles is a basic requirement for all building projects and surveyors are typically expected to:

  • Collect accurate field data
  • Prepare maps or plans of the surveyed area (either an orthographic or a graphical representation of the features or structures on or close to the surface of the earth
  • Analyze and calculate field parameters for setting out actual engineering, design, or construction works and operations
  • Set out field parameters on site for additional or further works
  • Fix property boundaries and establish control points
  • Ascertain specific locations of earth or property features
  • Write legal description of parcels; and
  • Delineate boundaries of interest according to their on-site survey and the records available in land offices

Friday, 3 November 2017

Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning Survey in the Architecture Industry

The architecture and construction industries continue to benefit from new technology, allowing faster completion of as-built surveys, which used to take a huge chunk of project assessment periods. Using a 3D laser scanner, it is easy to get precise measurements of sites by simply bouncing laser points off terrains, buildings, and structures, and tracking their flight paths as the points return to the scanning device. Millions of these data points are then assembled into a point cloud, which results in an accurately detailed representation of the site feature scanned. In addition to supporting accurate as-built surveys, below are other benefits of 3D laser scanning in the architecture and construction industry:

  • Perhaps the greatest advantage of 3D laser scanning is allowing fast and accurate data collection in one streamlined scanning session. This compresses weeks-worth of measurement into a day or two of quick and easy scanning work, after which all the data collected can easily be worked and processed without the need to return to site to collect more data. This is also helpful when it comes to project expansions or changes in project plans, as data collected is more than enough for future plans.
  • Laser scanning offers extreme accuracy, which results in precise reproductions of surveyed structures through 3D modeling and similar types of visual presentations. This is as good as being on site and allows project team members to create plans with utmost confidence that they are working with great precision.
  • 3D laser scanning is becoming the preferred method of surveying for all kinds of architecture and construction projects. Because of its convenience and accuracy, the technology is fast catching on in many industry settings and for a wide range of purposes. Another great thing about 3D scanning is that accurate data can be preserved for future use, in case of adding new systems or retrofitting new structures.