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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Roles of Land Surveying Companies While Establishing Properties in Colorado

Land boundaries can only be officially established and defined by a licensed surveyor, which you can hire from a reputable land surveying company. The role of land surveying companies is to provide accurate measurements and mark the measurements of properties. Clients from public and private sectors hire them to determine the boundaries of purchased or sold property or to locate structures, utilities, roads, and buildings on a parcel of land. With their help, property owners can minimize the risk of encroaching on another land and avoid the costs associated with repairs, demolition, and lawsuits. Land surveying companies have helped customers in Colorado to establish maps of their properties, too.

Land surveying companies in Colorado have a team of seasoned surveyors who are licensed for the job. They are highly trained and constantly up-to-date with the latest methods and technologies used in land surveying. They apply these new techniques to speed up the process of land surveying while ensuring accurate results at a more reasonable price. Surveyors record the angles, distances, and directions between two points on land using benchmarks or reference points as their starting point.

The best land surveying companies in Colorado continue to invest in the best surveyors and cutting-edge equipment, such as GPS and high-definition 3D laser scanners to provide accurate and detailed results. They do research and analysis on boundaries of interest using existing records stored in land offices and their on-site survey results to create a legal description of the property. They can prepare layered and highly detailed maps of the results using a geographic device to show soil conditions, visible and hidden structures, and all easements on the land, too.

Many professionals depend on land surveying companies for their projects. Thus, most companies have experience working with different industries, including engineering, development, real estate, environmental, and telecommunications. Their clients range from land brokers and contractors to developers, attorneys, architects, engineers, government agencies, and general contractors. However, remember to check and verify the qualifications and experience of the land surveying company before hiring them.

Development of Accurate Site Plan with High Definition Surveying Technique

Building and developmental projects have deadlines, and when you want to finish everything on time, you need to employ the use of high-end equipment and devices for certain processes, like land surveying. High definition surveying technique is currently the most advanced way to collect accurate and detailed as-built data. It is non-intrusive, as it uses only a thin laser beam to cover the target area to be surveyed. The laser picks up closely spaced measurements in a matter of minutes, making high definition surveying preferred by many professionals who need results fast. The scanned measurements are shown on a computer to create a representation of the land, which can be navigated and viewed as a 3D model.

High-definition surveying is an advanced method that helps make land surveying more cost-effective and faster to accomplish. It produces high-quality detail that can aid builders, developers, architects, engineers, and other professionals involved in construction and property development. It can be helpful for other types of surveys, too, such as environmental and ALTA/ACSM land title surveys.

As long as you hire an established and reputable land surveying company, you can be sure to experience all the benefits HD surveying has to offer to your project.  These professionals use the finest HD scanning methods, such as 3D laser scanning, which is a powerful technology that can be used for many other applications, such as deformation analysis, clash/interference checking, condition and damage assessment, and finding tank/vessel volumetric information.

The high definition surveying technique continues to revolutionize the industry as it helps in the development of accurate site plans. For land surveyors, HD survey methods provide an extra layer of safety, particularly on sites that may be dangerous to traverse or work on, such as busy highways. HD surveying produces an accurate and complete as-built data quickly and at a more reasonable price compared to what you can usually experience with conventional land surveying methods. This way, high definition surveying is proven to make a genuinely good impact on your bottom line.

Topographic Surveys – Determines Life, Strength and Value of Your Property

A topographic survey is typically conducted during the construction or developmental project’s planning phase. It is primarily used to determine and map the contours of existing features and the ground of your property to create a base map before any structure can be built on it. It may showcase the boundary lines and easements on the property, too. However, it can unearth more information about your property, including the value, strength, and the life of the land. This way, topographic surveys are able to provide a comprehensive view of the land’s geographical condition.

Significant topographic surveys begin by establishing the vertical and horizontal control to serve as the framework. Surveyors will make sure that there is enough elevation and horizontal location of ground points. This way, they can obtain sufficient data for plotting when preparing the map. Man-made and natural features will be located during the survey, too, especially if you require them. Surveyors will compute the angles, distances, elevations, and volumes of earthwork before drawing the topographic maps.

The survey can reveal different details about your property to determine its strength, life, and value. Measurements on the dimensions, breadth, and length of your land, as well as its curves, elevation, and height must be accurate, as every aspect surveyed will affect the contouring and the map. The outcome of topographic surveys can help you determine the placement or configuration of cultural and natural features of the land, too.

The applications of topographic surveys can range from any type of structure that will be built on land, including buildings, roads, bridges, and commercial structures. The surveys are conducted below and above ground level, and they will examine materials like the walkways, soil density, trees, and man-made elements found on the property, such as utility poles, wells, walls, and manholes. Every feature found on the land can affect the outcome of topographic surveys.

Hire Arizona Land Surveyor to Establish Boundary Lines of Your Property

A boundary survey is a means to find, identify, measure, analyze, and report the location of your property’s boundary lines. Through this survey, you can find out if there are any encroachments on your property, too. As long as you hire a licensed Arizona land surveyor, you can count on its service to establish your boundary lines, find existing land corners, and replace missing corners. Here are some tips to hire a professional land surveyor for a boundary survey in Arizona:

  • Make sure the surveyor is licensed in your area – Look up land surveyors that are accredited and licensed in Arizona. Ask to see their surveyor’s license and make sure that their work is recognized locally.
  • Choose an experienced land surveyor – Find out how long the Arizona land surveyor has been working and prefer someone who has more than two decades of experience in the industry. Review and verify the land surveyor’s experience, too, as their past work should speak for itself. Seasoned land surveyors get repeat businesses and a lot of referrals from reputable clients, too, including land brokers, property owners, developers, architects, attorneys, government agencies, and engineers. Consider looking up testimonials and reviews, too, so you can verify the quality of their work and customer service.

  • Learn how the land survey will be conducted - Seasoned land surveyors understand how valuable your time is. They make sure that the boundary survey is conducted as quickly as possible without compromising the accuracy of the results. To accomplish that, they use only the latest land surveying methods and equipment, like the use of GPS and 3D laser scanning. Land surveying companies employ highly trained, licensed, and professional surveyors specializing in the latest survey methods, too.

  • Ask for a quote – Boundary surveys must be competitively priced and reliable. So, ask for a quote and compare it with the price from other reputable Arizona land surveyors.

Friday, 4 August 2017

How Environment Land Survey Can Benefit Your Real Estate Project

Environmental land surveys seek to understand the potential impacts of construction and/or real estate developments on the environment and vice versa. They are conducted both for environmental consciousness as well as to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws that protect the environment.

Whenever investing in and before breaking ground on any real estate development project, it is critical that you find a reputable and qualified land surveyor with experience in conducting environmental surveys within the state or the area you wish to erect a structure or begin your development. Qualified environmental land surveyors can provide services ranging from well monitoring to construction staking, earth quantity calculations, geotracker reporting, as-built surveys, and topographic surveys. Because environmental land surveys are specialized forms of land surveys, only qualified and experienced surveyors can perform them with efficiency and accuracy, which is why investing in a professional service is critical if you want accurate and fast results. The best environmental land surveyors use cutting-edge surveying equipment like high-definition lasers and 3D scanners, side by side various techniques that ensure precision in data gathering.

Environmental surveys allow for better planning for land use. In fact, many government agencies and major corporations use environmental land survey as guide and tool to create, envision, and develop ideas and plans for acquiring or expanding land. These surveys are also useful in resolving various environmental issues that have to do with congestion, pollution, and even the depleting state of natural resources. Topographic surveys, for instance, help determine the geographical condition of a piece of land, which is essential in the planning stage of construction and development projects.

Information gathered using environmental surveys can also be useful when making decisions regarding the erection of structures on a particular piece of property. Data from surveys reveal critical qualities and aspects of land that may not be obvious on the surface. This ensures safety and feasibility of the project at hand.

Does Your Land Surveyor Have Experience in Land Surveying Services in Los Angeles?

Land surveying is a complex profession. While determining land boundaries may seem simple enough from the outside, the job requires in-depth knowledge and technical skill to be done right and accurately. When searching for land surveying services, make sure that they have the following skills and qualities:

  • One of the most important factors you should look into when finding a land surveyor to do your land survey is experience—this should cover experience not only in the profession, but experience in doing surveys within the state you wish to buy or develop land in. While most technical skills required for the job can be learned in the course of surveyor’s educational career, some skills can’t be acquired any other way except by doing actual jobs. This is where apprenticeship under a more experienced surveyor comes to place. It is often said that land surveying is both an art and a science, and the “art” aspect of the profession can only be learned by experience in the job.
  • Legal expertise. Another critical thing you should look for in a good land surveyor is legal expertise. He or she is expected not only to know the ins and outs of the law, but also how to apply its principles in determining land boundaries. Your land surveyor is your first line of defense against any litigation involving your property. Because the primary duty of land surveyors is for the most part, to the public, he or she is obliged to ensure proper locations of lands and must therefore be duly licensed—required exams for which, have tough standards and high failure rates. This is why having a licensed and experienced land surveyor doing your due diligence land surveying is invaluable in any property investment or development you may be planning to push or pursue.

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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Know the Risk of Buying Land in Nevada without Having a Land Survey Done

You might think that land surveys are unnecessary, especially if you are trying to save money. However, it is actually a must before buying any land in Nevada. Without it, you could increase your risk of buying property that has a lot of issues, which could cost you more down the road. Hence, a land survey must be done whether you are investing in residential or commercial property, so you can be confident in your decision to buy land and use it for your home or business.

It does not matter whether you are buying land from a trusted seller. You will need to hire a professional land surveyor to conduct the right land survey on the land. One of the risks associated with buying land in Nevada without a land survey is possible encroachments on the property. These could include a neighbor’s wall, fence, or any other structure on your property. A corner on the property could be missing, too, and this can cause problems if you decide to put up a fence, as you need to know exactly where your property lines are. Otherwise, you could risk building on the neighboring property and end up spending more money by having it removed and rebuilt in the right place.

Property line and corner disputes can be avoided by having a land survey done in Nevada. Reputable surveyors use advanced and faster methods and equipment to accomplish boundary and ALTA/ACMS surveys, which will help safeguard your investment. The survey could provide further information on easements and boundaries, and offer suggestions for improving the land. Likewise, it may reveal information on some features of the property that may determine or affect the ownership. A land survey may help determine risks that can affect the structure you are planning to build, too. In this case, the survey may identify issues in the land before they could become a threat your safety and affect the integrity of your structure.

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