head Calvada Surveying, Inc: February 2014

Monday, 3 February 2014

High Definition Laser Surveying - Its Uses and Applications

High definition laser scanning is being used in surveying since 1998. Laser scanning, a comparatively new technology, is being used as a precise survey instrument these days and has made the concept of high definition laser surveying popular. Laser surveying is rapidly becoming the new industry standard as a tool for making extremely accurate measurements in relatively complex environments. This is exactly why the use of this laser technology is the most prudent solution when it comes to measuring as-built conditions inside buildings. This instrument can collect survey data points at an incredibly fast pace.

Use of high definition scanning or 3D laser scanning in surveying is going to become the norm very soon.

This technology can be used for:

a.            Detailed Measurements

b.            Historical Preservation

c.            Construction Progress

d.            Surveying difficult-to-access areas

e.            Digital 3D Photos

f.             Record Exact Data

g.            Reduce Site Visits

h.            Changes View to Real-Time 3D

i.              Video of Surveys

j.             JPG and MP3 Files

Uses of the Laser Technology:

i.              Volumetrics

ii.             Accident Reconstruction

iii.            As-Built

iv.           Change Detection

v.            Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing As-Builts

vi.           Structural As-Builts

vii.          Hazard Surveying

viii.         Catastrophic Event Mapping

ix.           Registered Photo Video Co-ordinates

This high-definition laser technology produces accurate final survey documents. 

Boundary Surveying Is A Serious Legal Concern About The Property

Boundary surveying is a crucial legal concern about the property as it allows one to see the exact boundary of what they own or what they are buying or selling. Boundary surveying determines if there is any unknown easement for utilities like power lines, water, drainage ways, sewer etc. on the property. 

Boundary surveys clearly identify encroachments like buildings, fences or driveways on the property itself or trespassing any of the boundary lines. These encroachments tend to become permanent when one does not handle these quickly. A boundary survey and drawing provides one with the correct property measurements and the exact locations of structures like houses and barns, driveways, or fences related to the property boundary lines. Boundary surveying also determines whether the property is in a floodplain and whether the owner needs to get flood insurance. 

Boundary surveying can provide markings along the property lines which allow one to build a fence on their property boundary line in the right location so that they do not encroach on any other property or unnecessarily leave extra space between the boundary line and the fence.  

Boundary surveying is the primary step when it comes to subdivide a property among family members. 

Alta Surveys Are The Most Detailed Type Of Survey You Can Obtain

ALTA (the American Land Title Association) and ACSM (the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping) have together developed land surveying standards with the objective of promoting consistency in survey information.

ALTA or ACSM land surveying is the process of the boundary survey made to a fixed set of minimum standards which have been created and adopted together by the ALTA/ACSM. Moreover, an ALTA survey displays easements, improvements, rights-of-way and few other elements that impact land ownership.  

An ALTA survey is usually done for commercial properties as it provides the title company with the information needed for insuring the title to the land and making high degree improvements that any commercial development might require.

Over and above the minimum standards that have been set forth, a table containing optional elements is added in the ACSM or ALTA standards. A meticulous review of the elements from this optional table helps in delineating a crystal clear scope of the services of the land surveyor.

If any encroachment is discovered by the survey, it ought to be displayed graphically along with a note that indicates the nature of the encroachment. The certification language of an ALTA land title survey should include names of the affected parties like “buyer”, “seller”, “lender”, and “title company”.