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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Know the Risk of Buying Land in Nevada without Having a Land Survey Done

You might think that land surveys are unnecessary, especially if you are trying to save money. However, it is actually a must before buying any land in Nevada. Without it, you could increase your risk of buying property that has a lot of issues, which could cost you more down the road. Hence, a land survey must be done whether you are investing in residential or commercial property, so you can be confident in your decision to buy land and use it for your home or business.

It does not matter whether you are buying land from a trusted seller. You will need to hire a professional land surveyor to conduct the right land survey on the land. One of the risks associated with buying land in Nevada without a land survey is possible encroachments on the property. These could include a neighbor’s wall, fence, or any other structure on your property. A corner on the property could be missing, too, and this can cause problems if you decide to put up a fence, as you need to know exactly where your property lines are. Otherwise, you could risk building on the neighboring property and end up spending more money by having it removed and rebuilt in the right place.

Property line and corner disputes can be avoided by having a land survey done in Nevada. Reputable surveyors use advanced and faster methods and equipment to accomplish boundary and ALTA/ACMS surveys, which will help safeguard your investment. The survey could provide further information on easements and boundaries, and offer suggestions for improving the land. Likewise, it may reveal information on some features of the property that may determine or affect the ownership. A land survey may help determine risks that can affect the structure you are planning to build, too. In this case, the survey may identify issues in the land before they could become a threat your safety and affect the integrity of your structure.

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Learn How An Environment Survey Can Benefit Your Building Projects?

Land surveying is typically associated with defining where your property line starts and ends. However, it encompasses other services, which may be necessary to ensure the safety and durability of your property, as well as the health of every person who will use your structure. One of those services is the environmental land survey, which is conducted for the environmental industry. An environment survey can include different tasks, such as GeoTracker reporting, earth quantity calculations, monitoring well, and earth quantity calculations. It may encompass topographic surveys, as built surveys, and construction staking, too.

The purpose of the environment survey is to help you identify and understand the potential impact of construction and real estate developments on the environment. Likewise, it will help you determine the potential impact of environmental factors on construction and real estate developments. Environmental surveying is a highly detailed process that can cover areas like flood risk assessment, environmental screenings, contaminated land assessment, and fire risk assessment. Surveys are conducted using modern and high-end equipment that is faster and more accurate.

Building projects must be deemed safe before they begin or proceed. Environmental surveys can determine how likely it is for a proposed structure to flood, and if it is at risk for safety issues related to contaminated land, which may have been used or close to waste disposal sites and industrial waste landfills. This way, the survey is conducted as an aspect of due diligence. The results may help you when forming risk management strategies, too.

An environment survey can help with environmental screenings, which offer an overview of the environmental risks associated with a proposed or existing structure. The screening can determine whether the property has been damaged or affected by undermining, or if it is susceptible to ground gas. The screening may help identify risks like ground water contamination and dangerous levels of asbestos, which may be present in older properties.

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