head Calvada Surveying, Inc: February 2015

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Advantages of 3D laser scanning survey over other survey techniques

The new age 3D surveying techniques comes with various advantages and one of the few being the speed of processing and its versatility.  This kind of survey has become more advanced and easier than the other surveying techniques.

The world of surveying has changed drastically over the years. While earlier, it used to take months to complete a survey and another few days more to churn in the reports, the advancement in tools and technology has made the process faster.
Now, with the 3D technology at the realm of surveying, the process has gained a faster pace and the complications involved has decreased tremendously.

The 3D survey can be beneficial in various ways, and three essential factors among them are its versatility, speed and also the effortlessness. Let us work it out with an example here.

Say, for instance, the government is contemplating building a bridge over the river or a road over the mountains. Since surveying is a primary need of such projects, it might take at least half a year to complete a topographical survey by normal methods. And, the physical efforts needed or the hands required, will, definitely, be enormous.

 On the other hand, with the 3D laser technology, such surveys, can be done with the help of few people, with much less physical effort and with 100% accuracy.

The 3D technology, is highly versatile too. It can be adopted for any kind of survey, be it topographical, environmental, the ALTA surveys and what not. The surveys can also be done irrespective of the position of measuring points or the condition of a building or its safety features.

Hence, if it comes to a fool proof, faster and easy surveying, the 3D laser survey takes a whole lot of brownie points than the other traditional methods.