head Calvada Surveying, Inc: May 2015

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

High definition 3D laser scanning surveying is the most advanced and updated in land surveying techniques. This survey methodology is preferred for its swiftness and accuracy, both of which are better than what traditional survey methods can provide. Builders, architects, engineers, and project developers rely on 3D land surveying to accurately survey land that has already been constructed on but may require further examination for destruction, renovation, remodeling, or another purpose.

The high definition scanning methodology relies on a scanning system that has been updated for speed, versatility, and accuracy. Together with specially developed high-end software, HD 3D land survey equipment provides an easier way to view scanned 3D images. HD surveys are capable of showing panoramic images and measurements, like markups. HD 3D scanning surveying can take 360 degrees by 320 degrees photos of realistic panoramic scans. This way, land surveyors can view more precise and exclusive 3D images.

The 3D land surveying method can be beneficial in many applications. It can be used to create or update as-built documentation, check for interference or clashing, and exchange data with various CAD platforms. Land surveyors may use it for assessing the condition or damage of a structure or land, as well as for deformation analysis and weld peaking reports. HD 3D land surveying can provide tank and vessel volumetric information and enable 3D semi-automatic modeling. The survey can precisely and quickly create comprehensive 3D CAD models from point clouds. The results from the survey can be useful in inspections.

 Many construction companies rely on HD 3D land scanning and surveying services. High-definition 3D surveying can be used on various phases of the project, especially during the developmental, initiation, planning, and upgrade phases. It can be useful after the completion of a project, too. HD 3D surveying can be applied to various business needs, construction projects, industries, residential areas, and more.