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Friday, 3 June 2016

Boundary Survey - Mark the Boundaries of your Property

Boundary surveys aim to find, identify, measure, analyze and report the location of a land's boundary lines and reveal any encroachments that are present on the land. The purpose of these surveys go beyond merely accurately determining the measurements of your land. They can retrace and map the title and be helpful when you need to meticulously analyze the physical evidence of the boundaries according to local land standards, legal principles, and state board requirements.

A boundary survey must be conducted in accordance with industry and technical standards. Hence, you need to hire reputable and experienced land surveyors to do it instead of measuring your land by yourself. Professional land surveyors will observe your parcel of land and go the extra mile by conducting surveys at county, state, and local agencies or offices to locate maps, plans, wills, deeds, and other documents that may define the rights and location of the land. With their help, you can have detailed results from a thorough investigation of your land. Licensed surveyors can help in boundary adjustment and land subdivision procedures, too, making their services valuable to property and real estate developers.

Boundary surveys may be conducted if you are selling a property, buying property, building a fence, adding a new room or outdoor leisure area, expanding your home, or if you are dividing a parcel of land. They can be conducted when obtaining or refinancing a mortgage. In case of a dispute, the professional who will conduct the boundary survey can serve as an expert witness in court as he or she assumes the full responsibility for your survey's accuracy.

As the boundary survey marks the boundaries of your property, you have an accurate way to establish what size and area of land belongs to you. The results illustrate the data about the property and any encroachments or easements, too. Professional land surveyors use different methods to do a boundary survey based on the requirements and size of your project.  

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