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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Benefits of Using Environmental Surveys

An environmental survey is typically conducted to identify and understand the possible impact of environmental factors on construction and real estate developments, as well as the potential impact of these developments to the environment. You can hire a professional and licensed land surveying company to conduct this survey for various reasons. Many different industries could use an environmental survey to determine the topographic qualities of their land or property, as well as for determining boundaries. For the environmental industry, the survey can be conducted for monitoring well, earth quantity calculations, construction staking, as-built surveys, and GeoTracker reporting.

Remedial surveying is one of the aspects that can be covered by an environmental survey. It can determine the types of structures that must be built to prevent the spread, remove, or consolidate unwanted materials and contaminated soils. An environmental survey may be conducted to determine the type of structure that could work to cover historical landfills before reclaiming land.

As-built surveys are part of a comprehensive environmental survey and they can be useful when you need information on an environmentally impacted site before you tear it down or make some changes to it. A good example of the application of this survey is when you need to build a structure on rocky flats.

Environmental surveys can be conducted to monitor well locations. This way, you can track or identify contaminates and determine the correct placement of a well. Professional land surveyors and environmental engineers can map this system more effectively, precisely, and quickly.

You may book an environmental survey service from a qualified land surveying company for the purpose of determining the quality of a land that has been impacted by hazardous elements. The surveyor will assess the site and provide information to an environmental engineer, who will be tasked to come up with a rehabilitation and reclamation plan. 

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