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Friday, 5 August 2016

Top Reasons for Performing ALTA Survey on Commercial Properties

Working with commercial properties will need you to do land surveying a little differently than usual most of the companies that do commercial land surveys go for ALTA surveys as it ties in with the law and provides the exact results that one needs to present to the government and banks.

Working with ALTA surveys is great as it gives you very accurate data and understands the zoning laws and setback requirements of the property and the land. You also get to know your property boundaries and height requirements, making it easier to know what kind of building would be feasible on the land.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should have ALTA surveys on your commercial properties: 
  • Uniform standard: Since it has a uniform set of standards and ethics, the review of the land will be easier for the title company to present for the investments on the property. It can easily be understood by everyone as well.
  • Familiarity: As it was mentioned above, it is important that ALTA survey is done so everyone can understand its results. Since the financial matters are of utmost importance in commercial properties, the ALTA survey is transparent and gives all the investors the same footing to work from.
  • Potential encroachments: Knowing the limits of your property will help you draw up the right blueprints for your building. This will, in turn, make sure that you do not fall into any unnecessary lawsuits by encroaching on your neighbor’s property by accident.
  • The scope of work: When you understand the land, you will be able to comprehend the scope of work that is presented in front of you. With ALTA surveys, you get an in-depth knowledge of the land. This means that you can understand the scope of work required to get the job completed on time. 
These are some of the main reasons why ALTA surveys are preferred for commercial properties. You can also say a lot of time and money thanks to the accurate data provided by ALTA surveys.

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