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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Importance of a Topographical Survey

Topographic surveys are essential for determining a land's geographical condition. The data can be useful when identifying maps and determining the contours of a land. Topographic surveys are crucial during the planning stage of any construction or developmental project. The contours and maps created during the survey will serve as the basis for the project, whether it be a developmental structure, road, bridge, commercial, or residential structure.

Topographical surveys can be conducted below and above ground level. Walls, wells, manholes, utility poles, soil density, walkways, and trees are among the elements and areas that will be covered during the survey. Each aspect or material found on the land will contribute to a topographical survey's outcome. The following steps are usually involved in a topographic survey:

  1. Establish vertical and horizontal control to serve as the survey's framework.
  2. Determine ample horizontal elevation and location of ground points to provide enough data, which will be essential for plotting as soon as a map is prepared.
  3. Locate man-made and natural features that may be covered based on the survey's purpose.
  4. Compute angles, elevations, volumes, and distances, of the earthwork.
  5. Draw the topographic map. 
The outcome of the topographical survey should reveal various details about your land. Likewise, the results are useful in determining the land's cultural and natural features. The data is essential for determining the value, life, and strength of the land. The breadth, length, height, curves, height, elevation, and other factors that need to be measured will be calculated, and each surveyed aspect should contribute to the land's map and contouring.

Topographical surveys can be applied to a variety of situations. The results are useful for engineers, geologists, foresters, land promoters, architects, and government institutions and agencies. Topographic maps are used as guides for creating the land's actual geographical map, too.

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