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Monday, 7 November 2016

How Land Surveyors Can Solve the Boundary Issues of Your Property

Many people try to be good neighbors, but sometimes, disputes over boundaries and property lines can cause a lot of trouble, leading to bitter rivalries and costly legal procedures. If you find yourself facing any boundary issues on your property, the best way to deal with it is by working with a reliable and reputable land surveyor. It is recommended that you get in touch with experienced land surveyors if you want to prevent boundary issues in the future, too, especially if you are thinking of expanding your property or building a fence. With their help, you can get the proof or the information that you need to prove that your neighbor has encroached boundary lines, or you have the necessary data to know exactly where your property’s boundaries lie.

Homeowners typically ignore their property lines until issues arise or a land survey has been requested by a financial company or bank. Most homeowners assume that their boundary is where the tree line or an existing fence is. Property disputes may arise when there are changes in the home’s ownership. A new owner may want to build a new fence, do some landscaping, or build a driveway that may encroach upon neighboring lots, leading to boundary disputes between neighbors.  Hence, it is essential to order a boundary survey from professional land surveyors before building or adding anything, or making any renovations on your property. Some municipalities will only grant a building permit only after a land survey has been conducted on the property.

Only licensed and professional land surveyors are qualified to help resolve boundary issues and lot line disputes. They can research existing property deeds and descriptions, conduct physical assessments, mark land boundaries, and record every data accurately while following state, national, and local guidelines and laws in conducting boundary surveys. A survey may be ordered by court if the conflict has been escalated to it.

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