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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

3D Laser Scanning Services and Their Uses

High-definition surveying is recommended for faster and accurate results, especially for applications where mistakes and data inaccuracy could mean unpleasant and costly results. 3D laser scanning is among the most advanced and updated among high definition land surveying methods. This HD survey technique is used by builders, project developers, and architects to obtain crucial data on land that is already being used or constructed and needs further examination for destruction, remodeling, or renovation.

One of the benefits of 3D laser scanning is that it is non-destructive and non-contact. It takes digital images of the shape of a physical object using a line of laser, then loading the exact shape and size of that object into a computer as a three-dimensional image. The technology lets you view the finest details. It can capture any free-form shape, too, making it ideally suitable for measuring and inspecting complex geometries and contoured surfaces.

HD 3D laser scanning involves a versatile state-of-the-art scanning system that is fast and accurate. It works together with high-end software used for viewing the scanned images in panoramic view. The software can quickly and easily display the markups and other crucial measurements, too. The scanner takes photo realistic 360 x 320-degree panoramic scans, too, so surveyors have more precise and exclusive 3D images for reference.
A 3D HD survey can be applied to different applications, such as the following:
  1. Damage and condition assessment
  2. Creation or updating of as-built documentation
  3. 3D semi-automated modeling
  4. Clash/interference checking
  5. Weld peaking reports
  6. Deformation analysis
  7. Tank/vessel volume information 
The technology behind 3D laser scanning services make them versatile for other applications, too, including the creation of 2D plans and data exchange with CAD platforms. The survey can provide comprehensive 3D CAD models quickly and precisely from point clouds, thus, saving you time and effort. The service is applicable on any project's developmental phase, such as the planning and initiation phase, upgrading phase, and at the end of the project.

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