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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The Importance of Boundary Line Surveys

The American system of private property refers to the boundaries between the parcels. Without the boundaries, disputes and misunderstandings are certain to occur. That makes it crucial for landowners to understand the limits of their property. If the knowledge of these limits is inconsistent or of questionable accuracy, a boundary survey is required.

A boundary survey is directed towards the formal establishment of a particular property. The most important aspect of any boundary survey is to define the corners of the property. But it should also outline the extent of the property. When a boundary survey is completed, the new map of the property is updated with the new boundaries. Depending on the local system and regulations, the surveyor can also create a physical record of the survey on the land. This can turn into an erected fence or series of stakes.

A boundary survey holistically determines the legality and integrity of any property. Its importance can be understood with following points.
  • It determines the exact boundaries of any property which you are buying or selling.
  • It shows easements for utilities like water, power lines, and sewers.
  • It can identify encroachments such as driveways, fences, or buildings on the property.
  • It can also identify and resolve possible boundary disputes.
  • Boundary surveys help in dividing the parcel of the land.
  • It proves helpful when expanding building structure or making improvements to the property ensuring that all the work is done in the correct area of the land.
Boundary survey meets the regulation of a particular state where the ALTA stands across the nation. The process of the boundary survey begins with the research and coordination of municipal, local, county, and state authorities.  The pre-survey may include the history of adjoining lands. This research can provide useful insight into possible conflict areas where the attention is needed. Once that is satisfactorily completed, the next step is to perform a physical ground survey.

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