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Friday, 8 June 2018

Examine Your Residential and Commercial Property by Skilled Land Survey in California

Surveying is among the most critical aspects of commercial and residential property development in California. Its main purpose is to accurately identify and record the three-dimensional or terrestrial position of points and the angles and distances between them. However, it is not just about making measurements. It takes skilled land surveyors in California to ensure accurate and dependable results by using a combination of cutting-edge and up-to-date equipment, their skills, and their knowledge. So, be sure to hire only reputable and skilled land surveyors with a good and proven track record of conducting residential and commercial surveys.

The residential or boundary survey involves calculating and determining boundaries and analyzing the land before the boundaries are plotted. Prior to conducting this survey, skilled land surveyors in California will look up on any existing surveys, which may have been conducted in the past. That way, they can further analyze the previous results to determine how they might have changed or could affect their present findings. Residential land surveys are usually conducted prior to building any property on the land. Likewise, they may be required when there are problems with ownership and encroachments on neighboring properties.

Commercial property surveys are usually conducted following ALTA/ACSM standards for due diligence. Skilled land surveyors in California meet all the qualifications expected from them when conducting this survey. It is often commissioned for information on a setback requirement, the property’s height requirement, and zoning laws. ALTA/ACMS land surveys are also considered as valid documentation by insurance companies, lenders, and purchasers when evaluating the land and determining the benefits and risks of owning it.

Leading land survey providers in California use the latest technology to provide their services faster and more accurately. Among that is 3D laser scanning equipment, which is a high-definition survey methodology that is practical to builders, architects, and project developers when surveying land that has already been used but subject to remodeling, demolition, renovation, and other improvements.

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