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Friday, 31 March 2017

Boundary Surveying – Learning the Necessity of Hi-Tech Land Surveying Services

Boundary surveys are residential property surveys that measures the boundaries of a parcel of land. It involves research and analysis of the land before determining the plot and the boundaries of the property. Only qualified and licensed land surveyors can conduct boundary surveys using high-end equipment, like high definition 3D laser scanning, which is the most advanced and updated among commonly used land surveying methods. It is important to use advanced land surveying services for quick and accurate results. After all, it is crucial for you to know the exact boundaries of your property before you build or renovate it. That way, you can avoid headaches associated with lawsuits and encroachments as a result of not knowing where your boundaries lie.

Boundary surveying is generally conducted in case of any dubious land or prior to construction of a structure on the land. Whatever is the reason for having your land surveyed, be sure to choose professional land surveyors who are trained to use high-end equipment. High definition 3D scanning methodology utilizes an updated scanning system that is versatile, fast, and accurate. It is used along with high-end software, which enables an easier way to view the scanned images in high definition. Results can be displayed as panoramic, photo-realistic, and precise 3D images, or 360 by 320-degree scans.

Armed with highly detailed results, surveyors can easily refer to the markups and other critical measurements when updating or creating as-built documentation, assessing the damage or condition of the land, or determining tank/vessel volume information. Boundary surveying with hi-tech surveying services can make it easier to create 2D plans, conduct deformation analysis and weld peaking reports, and accomplish semi-automated 3D models. The technology allows for data exchange with various CAD platforms, so 3D CAD models can be created quickly and precisely from point clouds. Hence, boundary surveying with 3D laser scanning is applicable to different residential areas.

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