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Thursday, 3 September 2015

3D Laser Scanning – The Reverse Engineering Services

High definition 3D laser scanning is the most advanced and updated land surveying method. It is considered better than traditional survey methods because it generates fast and more accurate results. The 3D laser scanning is recommended for surveying architects, project developers, and builders who want a more accurate and quicker way to survey the land that is already being constructed or examined for destruction, remodeling, renovation, and other purposes. It can be useful for reverse engineering, too.

Reverse engineering or back engineering extracts design information from man-made objects for the purpose of reproducing it or to use the information to make something else. 3D laser scanning can help in gathering information and conducting a detailed examination of a structure's composition or construction. Many industries can benefit from 3D laser scanning, including manufacturing, development, design, and construction.

Using 3D laser scanning can minimize a typical manufacturing or building design cycle by up to 75 percent. With this technology, it will be easier for engineers and designers to conceptualize an idea and render it in concept illustrations. 3D scanning is helpful at a project's design phase when it is used on a physical object before it is turned into a CAD model. Designers usually try to fit their design to an existing object or location, and a high definition 3D scan can help them achieve that more accurately.

Physical objects can be directly translated to a project's engineering phase using a 3D laser scan. Hence, the 3D data is useful when performing engineering analysis like FEA, CAE, and CFD on objects that are already done and modified physically. High definition 3D laser survey relies on an updated system that is versatile and provides accurate scans. The scanned images and their panoramic views can be reviewed using high-end software. 3D laser scanning can take 360 x 320 degree photo-realistic panoramic scans, too, so you have more exclusive and precise output for land surveying and reverse engineering.

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