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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Important Things to Know About Residential Land Surveying

When owning a land or building a structure onto a piece of land, you need to undergo residential land surveying first because doing any necessary actions on it. This will help you avoid tumultuous setbacks and hassles in the future. So what is residential land surveying and why do you need it? Read on.

How important is residential land surveying?

Anyone who is involved in selling, buying, owning, and building land and property, you are in dire need of land surveying services. It determines precise measurements of a piece of land including the property’s history and history of ownership. These details, such as the measurements and histories, are so important that you know which part of land is exactly included in the property that you are owning, buying, or selling. And if the land is involved in property disputes, you know of its legal limits.

What are included in residential land surveying services?

There are a lot of inclusions offered in this type of land survey, and these include the following: 
1. Providing house site measurements and plans 
2. Boundary and As-built survey 
3. FEMA (Flood Elevation Certification) 
4. Improvement location and foundation location surveys 
5. Deed description 
6. Property Line Staking and much more

Residential land surveys also save you from costly mistakes of building and rebuilding the entire structure simply because of inaccurate land measurements. Truth is, there is more to what professional land surveyors can offer. They give you peace of mind on your big investments and saves you from bankruptcy—financial quietude all throughout your life.

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