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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Difference Between Land Surveying and Mapping

Before GPS technology was invented, land mapping was manually done by collecting data from a specific land area. Cartographers had to spend hours to complete maps back in the day but today, advancement in technology has made a great impact in making land mapping more time-effective and easier.

Land surveying involves all activities that record and measure all information in our physical world as well as the environment. The term is used interchangeably with Geomatics—a body of science that involves pinpointing the position of things above and below the surface of the earth. Mapping is a part of the land surveying process. It uses specialized technology, mathematics and mapping equipment.

The role of a land surveyor is to determine and mark different locations on a certain land. This is used in surveying boundaries of certain real estate properties in order to find out their specific coordinates. Land surveyors come up with three-dimensional or 3D positions and distances of angles between them.

Out in the field, the land surveyor use GPS, aerial/terrestrial scanners or Robotic Total Solutions to map a certain area of land. They take photos and make computations. In the office, they use sophisticated software such as AutoCAD to plan and draft their measurements. They work on a variety of projects that involve mining exploration, land division, tunnel building, land size determination and measurement. They are also responsible for providing specific information about a land to guide the work of architects, land developers and engineers.

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