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Monday, 13 October 2014

High Definition Surveying - A Popular Method Among Companies

High definition surveying is now becoming an industry standard for various small sized and large sized projects. Advance technology has made high definition survey a suitable option for companies of different sizes. HDS helps company employees to gather large amounts of accurate information at maximum speeds.

Let us look at how HDS works:

A narrow laser beam moves across the object and captures thousands of measurements at one single time. These are shown on a monitor screen as a point cloud and looks like a three dimensional model.  With minute accuracies, numerous scan areas are joined together to make three dimensional point clouds applicable to a host of services. 

HDS is also called as three dimensional lasers scanning. This advanced scanning technique provides a brilliant way of documenting and capturing current state of construction site and also as built recording of new structures. This makes sure that Infrastructure, Oil and Gas; Government agencies are best positioned to support installations, construction, reconstruction and maintenance. This leads to precise measurement and dimensioning.

Some of the uses of HDS technology are mentioned below:

·         To take efficient measurement of structural as-builts

·         To conduct surveys in hazardous areas or locations

·         To rebuild a construction site which is damaged due to an accident 

Below are listed some of the areas where HDS technology is used:

·         To conserve historical buildings and construction. 

·         For elaborate and precise measurements

·         To conduct surveys at remote places and complex areas

·         To track the progress of development works

·         To capture videos and three dimensional photos of surveys

·         To minimize visits to a construction site 

High definition surveying is an emerging technology that has become a vital instrument in providing accurate surveys. This technology is considered to be best solution for measuring as built conditions inside buildings and complex environments. The unique feature of this technology is that it allows you to collect survey data points at a high speed of fifty thousand points per second. Need More Information visit here

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